So many people, myself included purchase clothes without paying attention to the care label.  I can't tell you how many sweaters in the past I have carelessly thrown in the laundry and ruined because I didn't read the tag.  I am slowly learning a lot about different fabrics.  Now I don't hesitate to purchase an item if I love it - but I do follow the direction on the care label! 

I also experiment. If the label says dry clean only, but I choose to hand wash the garment carefully, and there is no problem, I will indicate that on the product page.

Rayon can be tricky.  It is very delicate and needs a little extra care, so it doesn't shrink or get ruined.  

1.  Do not machine wash or tumble dry your rayon garment. Some rayon labels will say to dry-clean only.

2. Use a delicate wash like Woolite, or my favorite, Forever New.

3.  Soak garment in the sink with cold water, rinse under faucet and gently squeeze dry (do not wring harshly)

4. Lay flat to dry

This is a good washing habit to do on a lot of materials, not just rayon. 

Happy Washing!!!