Hi, and welcome to Dress with Tess.

My name is Tess Harvey and I started Dress with Tess the summer before my senior year in high school. I love curating looks from select vendors to present you with modern styles for young women.

Entrepreneurship is a common thread that runs through my family. My dad grew up on a dairy farm. He would milk cows and work in the field until eventually, his family transitioned from farming to building a transfer and recycle station called E.L. Harvey & Sons. This business was recently passed down to the next generation, and it is now over 100 years old! My mother also started her own business. Over the past five years, she transformed our field into a beautiful flower farm. Our empty field exploded with color and became alive with sunflowers, lilies, peonies and more. My older sister, Olivia, took what she loved and made it into a thriving business. In high school she would bring our old camera everywhere she went to capture moments with her friends. Now she captures the most important moments in life as a professional photographer and also helps me with advertising for my clothing line. My family’s hard work and passion for creativity is my inspiration and the fabric of who we are as a family. So, you can definitely say entrepreneurship is in my "jeans." 

 I hope you enjoy shopping with Dress with Tess. We are always updating our collections, so keep checking in!