Fast Fashion - Environment - Small Steps!



Hi Guys!

So much is happening, and it is such a crazy time of year for everyone, with senior projects, proms, and graduations. But, I wanted to take some time to post to my blog.

One of my goals for my boutique is to reduce the “fast fashion” component of my collection. Some of you know that my family is in the recycling business and I see and hear first-hand a lot of the issues that are happening with waste in our world.  But how do you do it? What one person might think is fast fashion (wear it once and not care if you throw it out because it wasn’t expensive) may be an investment piece for someone else with a different budget. I have been trying to think of steps I can take that will reduce the waste and the carbon footprint that fashion is having on our environment.  Here is what I have done so far:

  1. Measurements to reduce the return rate:
    • A measuring card & tape measure is included in your first order for you to quickly get your measurements written down. 
    • Measurements of each item are being added on the website, and I even indicate my height, and personal measurements and what size I am wearing.
  1. How to take care of your new item: 
    • Washing instructions and material content are listed on each product page. Following these directions will prevent the clothing item shrinking or staining other clothes.
  1. A small laundry bag is included for delicate garments, like bralettes. These make a huge difference in how long your bralettes last.
  1. I reached out to a brand I love, Forever New so that I could include their amazing fabric care wash with each order. I love this product and so will you! Following the washing instructions for each item and using this fabric care wash will help keep your clothes lasting a long time!
  1. I have a question section on the product page so you can ask me anything before you buy. Your questions have helped me change my descriptions, so they are more informative for you.
  1. I do try-ons on Instagram so you can see how the outfit looks and I give suggestions on other clothing items you could pair it with, extending your wardrobe.
  1. I try to get pieces that won’t go out of style too quickly and are more likely to become a staple in your wardrobe.

These are just some ways I am trying to help everyone make informed decisions, how to take care of their garments, and help to reduce waste and returns!

Till next time,